YRC 2017: Examining Expediency — Advocating Excellence

This June, academics, writers, publishers, and lovers of language will converge as colleagues to explore the balance between the traditional and the contemporary in teaching, bringing the skills and joys of language to others. The Young Rhetoricians’ Conference (“young” being a state of mind open to new possibilities) looks to issues and ideas that enable us to foster our students’ skills and passions relative to all aspects of discourse—cognitive, pragmatic, and artistic. Bring your concerns — ideological and/or intuitive — to the beach as we gather to rejuvenate ourselves and ponder what we are about —where the Monterey Bay warmly greets general sessions, workshops, panels, and luncheons. Please join us!


  • “Avalanche”: Confronting Counterfeit Truths with Critical Thinking Verifiable Facts
  • “Blizzard of Ice”: Redefining Access, Alleging Transparency
  • “Everybody Knows the Dice Are Loaded”: Shaping Data, Excusing Habits of Mind
  • “Diamonds in the Mine”: Cultivating Creativity, Encouraging Resourcefulness
  • “Anthem”: Perspectives on Acceleration and Longitudinal Learning Skills
  • “Who by Fire”: Controversial Subjects and College Composition
  • “Waiting for the Miracle”: Fostering Innovation in an Age of Conformity
  • “The Future”: Technology, Learning Resources, and Textbooks
  • “The Partisan”: Expanding College Partnerships, Measuring Expediency
  • “Bird on the Wire”: The YRC [Evening] Poetry Café 2017
  • “Hallelujah”: Adjunct Instructor & Graduate Student Cocktail Forum
  • “First We Take Manhattan”: Advocating Effective Teaching/Learning Practices—Basic Skills 2017

Preregistration YRC 2017

2017 Conference Program


No basement, this fair. Publishers vie with the view of the Monterey Bay to intrigue you with their best and latest wares. Meet casually with acquisition editors to voice your ideas for new texts as you inform them of your classroom and curricular needs.

College Credit (Post-Baccalaureate)

Earn up to three (3) semester units of California State University credit while you enjoy the YRC. For more information, please click here for the PDF file.

These units are offered through California State University, Bakersfield at $75 per unit. For Extended University application forms and details pertaining to the courses offered, see Rebecca Hewett at the YRC Registration Table during the conference.

You may also contact Sterling Warner, Conference Chair for more information: jsterlingw@comcast.net